While healthcare facilities across the country are filling very appealing travel positions, they are also very often looking to fill those slots as quickly as possible. At MedWave, we believe one of the easiest ways that a highly qualified candidate can ensure getting that spot is to make sure that they have all of their compliance paperwork ready and available. Seasoned veterans in the industry can tell you that sometimes all it takes is one piece of information that is either not available or takes too long to be submitted, and that position can be filled by another, more prepared candidate.
The MedWave team assists our employees and candidates in ensuring that once a travel nurse accepts a job, the compliance process runs seamlessly. The best way to do this is to proactively prepare and ensure you have your paperwork intact and up to date. This compliance section will provide the travel nurses with a place to go to easily identify the documents they should have available. Hospital requirements may vary, but having the nurse requirements in advance will make things smoother as the process moves forward.
Once you have accepted a job, a recruiter will notify you via email with the documents that are required for that particular institution.

Submission of these documents in PDF format is preferred. PDF is a widely used format and can be quickly sent to your recruiter via email and will save a lot of time.