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Long Term Care Staffing

If you are a Long Term Care Facility in search of an LPN or RN to fill a staffing need you've come to the right place! MedWave Healthcare Staffing specializes in LTC experienced nurses who have the tools to seamlessly fit into your staffing gaps. Let us know what area you need to fill and what shift and we will match that up with one of our LTC experienced nurses. We have a strict screening process that we adhere to that ensures our candidate will hit the ground running. We have a deep pool of LTC nurses on stand by so when you need someone to fill a spot quickly, we can help! So be at ease and take care of your core day to day activities while we focus on providing you with your staff.

CONTACT US TODAY with information on your needs and a specialized Account Manager will contact you ASAP. We can also be reached M-F Toll Free at 877-773-1851.

RN Specialties

Acute Care Staffing

At MedWave Healthcare Staffing our focus is on supplying you with the right fit. So with all of the specializations within an Acute Care facility we understand how important it is to bring in nurses who specifically specialize in those areas. We also understand that all facilities are of different sizes. We take our screening process seriously before submitting a nurse because we feel its critical to have the right match up of experience. There can me many factors in bringing you the right fit so we take the time to analyze your needs and send the most qualified nurse your way!

On Point and On Time

MedWave Healthcare Staffing offers travel nurse staff for those difficult specialties in an accurate and timely manner. We take the time to fully evaluate your needs which allows us to concentrate on finding the right fit for your specialized positions every time. MedWave attracts and keeps in touch with a large pool of travel nurses with ranging specialties so we can react to your needs rapidly. Let us support your team. We will focus on those hard to find skill sets quickly so you can continue to provide quality healthcare to your patients.


Is your healthcare facility in need of a large quantity of nurses to staff a project? We understand that your facility can be highly dynamic. At times you undergo changes and upgrades that may leave you in an urgent need of a large quantity of nurses and other healthcare staff. Our team consists of network and recruiting experts who stay in touch with thousands of thoroughly qualified candidates across the nation, so as your facility evolves you can count on us to supply an ample amount of talent.


Are you tired and frustrated with the corporate giants not listening to your needs? Have you ever given an agency a specific need, only to see the candidates that were supplied did not meet the requirements you gave them? At MedWave, we understand that these are problems. That’s why we listen to the specialty and expertise your department needs to fill those critical nursing gaps. We believe in screening out candidates before referring them as opposed to sending every RN that may have worked in the specialty required over to your busy nurse manager. As a result of our extensive screening process, you can be assured that only the best of best will be applied to your opening, saving you time, money, and the aggravation of onboarding the wrong RN. Your success is our success.

Have a need for a travel nurse? Give us a call today or CLICK HERE with information and a specialized Account Manager will contact you as soon as possible.