Employee Resources

Tools, documents, resources and information to get you working ASAP.

Traveling should be fun and exciting. It is an opportunity to see new places, reach underserved populations and make a difference in the lives of patients who need care the most.

It shouldn’t be a frustrating process full of roadblocks. That’s why MedWave Healthcare Staffing makes licensing, compliance, housing and documentation simple for you.

Your recruiter will walk you through every step you need to hit the floor as quickly as possible. We have also provided these online resources to help you get started and access the forms and information you need to get compliant quickly.

Resources For Our Travelers

With MedWave, you never have to travel alone. Our team is here to set you up for success and to support you throughout your assignment.

Use these resources to see how we support you in your travels.

Nurse Licensing

Resources to help ensure your license is ready to go in a new state.


We walk you through the process of ensuring total compliance with state regulations.


Resources to help you find an amazing place to live while on assignment.

and Forms

Key employment documents you need to work with MedWave.

Ready For A New Adventure?

If you’re ready for high-paying opportunities and new challenges, trust your career to MedWave, the first name in travel nurse recruiting companies.