About Travel Nursing

Discover an exciting new career path.

There is a well-documented nursing shortage in our country, and travel nurses help healthcare facilities fill staffing gaps for specific periods of time. These facilities may lack nurses because of geographic location, an expected leave of absence by a key staff member, seasonal fluctuations or lack of access to skilled nurses.

MedWave places nurses in facilities across 48 states for anywhere from 3 to 13 weeks. If you are looking for new challenges, it’s time to ride the travel nursing wave.

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Great, But it Sounds Complicated!

Crossing state lines to deliver care does require some compliance hoops, but MedWave makes the entire process simple for you. You simply apply with us and we get the ball rolling.

When we find you a great assignment, your recruiter will help you get all your license and compliance ducks in a row. We can also help you find awesome housing for the duration of your assignment. We are there for you 24/7/365, from the moment you accept through every shift.

When you work with MedWave, you never travel alone.

Who Is Travel Nursing Good For?

Any licensed nurse looking for new challenges. Traveling is great for:

How Do You Become A Travel Nurse?

Almost any licensed nurse can become a traveler! There is no extra training or education required to work in different facilities. There is some extra compliance work that needs to be done for you to work in another state, but MedWave will help you achieve that compliance.

Travel nursing is an amazing opportunity for nurses looking to experience the country, advance their careers, and earn a competitive salary. There are positions available every day throughout the country in many different specialties.

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Visit our Travel Nurse Q&A now to get answers to your questions about travel nursing with MedWave.

Ready For A New Adventure?

If you’re ready for high-paying opportunities and new challenges, trust your career to MedWave, the first name in travel nurse recruiting companies.