Travel Nurse Q&A

You have questions about traveling with MedWave.
We have answers.


Travel assignments vary based on personal preference and the needs of the facility. They can range from 3-16 weeks with the opportunity to extend in most cases.

As a travel nurse, you are able to start your assignment as soon as you are fully compliant. We set our start dates to allow enough time to successfully get you compliant and avoid any delays or changes to your start date.

We staff in all states, with the exception of Minnesota and Nevada.

The non-taxable Lodging and Meals & Incidentals stipend is untaxed weekly income given to you by the United States General Services Administration (GSA) as a tax break for traveling to help facilities in need.

There is a maximum per diem allowance based on the zip code of the facility where you are working. Maximum limits can be found on the GSA website at

MedWave requires you to be at least 50 miles from your permanent tax home in order to qualify for weekly non-taxable stipends.

Your taxable hourly base rate is set to allow for the most non-taxable stipends possible while also keeping in mind the balance between the taxable and non-taxable pay that is reasonable/fair in the eyes of the IRS.

We recommend that any tax-related questions be directed to an accountant or tax professional.

MedWave asks for three professional references which can be provided by a Charge Nurse, Manager, and/or Supervisor, as long as you have worked with them within the past year.

Yes. You can only obtain a Compact License if your permanent tax home is in a Compact State.

You will have to contact the Board of Nursing of the compact state you hold an active license in so they can provide you with the necessary steps to transition your license to compact.

Yes! MedWave offers low-cost benefits to all full-time employees. You have the option to choose from health, dental, and vision coverage.

Your first check will be given the second Friday of your contract to allow time to process your hours worked for the previous week. From that point forward, you will be paid every Friday based on the number of hours you work the prior week.

Schedule requests are fulfilled based on the facility and its needs, but we will always request any special accommodations you might prefer during your contract.

There are many pet-friendly housing options that give you the opportunity to travel with your furry friends! Check out our housing options.

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