What is it like to work with MedWave Healthcare Staffing?

What Our Nurses Say AboutMedWave

“This team is amazing! Throughout the whole process, they were there with me. Not physically, but on the other end of the phone as I attempted to get through completing my out-of-state license for over an hour, never making me feel like I was taking up their time or taking too long! They are the support you hope you receive! You’re not just another travel nurse. They make the time so much so that YOU feel you are the ONLY nurse! Thank you so much for your help!!”

Juanita, LPN – LTC

“MedWave has been fantastic. They take my concerns seriously and I feel like the staff is on top of everything and determined to make the travel nursing experience a success. 5 stars all the way!”

Jennifer, LPN – LTC

“I have been with MedWave Healthcare Staffing for almost a year. I am beginning my 4th contract, which includes my 3rd extension with a hospital in Cali. My recruiter is great. We have a friendship and not just an RN/Recruiter relationship. I highly recommend the company. If you are looking for a company to travel, please give them a try, you will be glad you did.”

Rejetta, RN – ICU

“Excellent staff there! Got me on the job a week after I signed on! Never had to wait long to get an answer to my questions! Always friendly and supportive! I highly recommend them for your next job!”

Melanie, NP

“This is my first assignment with MedWave, I’m impressed! Very smooth and helpful! Thanks to Melissa (compliance gal) also for all her assistance. She’s on top of everything.”

Lynn, RN – L&D

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